6/10/2019 12:00 AM
11:00am - 12:00pm | Crystal Room

Sharing the Wisdom of Experience

Featured Presenter
Jim Kouzes
Co-author, The Leadership Challenge®
Listening to stories that others tell us about their experiences and the lessons learned from them is one of the most important ways we learn. It is, in fact, how we derived The Five Practices® model over 35 years ago. We listened to what leaders told us about their Personal-Best Leadership Experiences and discovered that there were patterns to these stories. Listening to others’ stories is also how we realize that we’re not alone in the world; through sharing and dialogue we find community with others. The purpose of the closing session of the 2018 Summit is to do just that—to build our community and to advance our learning through listening to the stories of some of our most experienced community members and also sharing personal stories about facilitating and coaching The Leadership Challenge. In this session, you’ll hear from some of our “tribal elders” about what they learned from years of immersion in the brand. You will also contribute to the wisdom of the community by sharing lessons from your own engagement with the model. You’ll leave the closing session with a richer understanding of what makes our brand unique and our community special, and you’ll gain new knowledge and tools that you can apply to your mastery of The Leadership Challenge.
"The sharing of experiences, ideas, challenges, innovations and insights—the Summit is another immersion into the heart of what we do and why we do it. It is beyond excellent…it is extraordinary."
- Roxanne Kaufman Elliott, Certified Master-in-Training, president and CEO of ProLaureate Ltd., Cleveland OH
"I took away so much inspiration and fresh approaches to this amazing work from the Summit. Most importantly, as a newly-minted Certified Master the connections made with others are invaluable—particularly considering my location Down Under."
- Grant Dale, Certified Master and Acting Director, WorkSmart Australia
"What an amazing global family! It is rare to meet so many people with so much wisdom that they freely share. Even as a relative newcomer I felt welcomed with open arms."
- Alan Lyme, LISW, Certified Master-in-Training and Training Director, Phoenix Center, Greenville SC

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