6/26/2018 12:00 AM
10:30am - 11:45am | Plaza

Case Study

Growing Servant Leaders in the Aging Services Industry: A Powerful Partnership Shows How It’s Done

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Presenters: Bill Mugavin & Emilie Perkins

Session Description:
The world is experiencing a global leadership crisis and organizations in every industry—human services included—are feeling its effects. LeadingAge Indiana, part of a nationwide association dedicated to making America a better place to grow old, is a membership organization of nonprofit providers of long term care, social services, and housing for the elderly in Indiana.

Association leaders realized that their member organizations were experiencing an exodus of experienced and knowledgeable leaders as growing numbers of Baby Boomers are retiring. They found that few of their member organizations had a bench of leaders who were ready to take the helm as experienced leaders retired. In addition, most organizations didn’t have the budget or capacity to implement in-house leadership development programs.

To close this leadership gap, LeadingAge Indiana partnered with FlashPoint to help custom-design a multifaceted, highly interactive nine-month leadership development program, LEADERSHIPVIP, based on The Leadership Challenge® Workshop. In this session we’ll share how we developed this comprehensive program. We’ll delve into LeadingAge Indiana’s noble purpose, the challenges the association faced, the LEADERSHIPVIP program goals, the rigorous participant selection criteria we developed, and how we integrated the multiple components of the program.

We’ll share empirical success measures such as pre/post LPI scores and participant promotion percentages. We’ll also share qualitative success measures through video testimonies and stories from program participants and their managers about the pay-it-forward impact this Leadership Challenge experience has had on their organizations, their elderly residents, and the human services industry in general.
"The Leadership Challenge Forum is a transformational leadership experience. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from leadership scholars and experts coupled with the opportunity to network with colleagues."
- Ron Siers, Department Chair, Department of Education Specialties at Salisbury University

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