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Case Study

Getting Even Better Outcomes by Challenging How You Design & Deliver TLC

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Vera Bradley knows about change. From its early basement beginnings as a cottage industry selling unique luggage to its now profitable and publicly-traded, global, retail enterprise, Vera Bradley has enjoyed colossal growth. With a new CEO and strategy to continue this trajectory, we knew it was time to Challenge the Process.

We’d already delivered a program for three cohorts with good success—strong reassessment results, plus strong retention levels. The company strategy would require greater innovation and execution, so we needed experiment with the tried and true. We needed to move away from a “good program” to weaving the concepts of TLC into the cultural fabric of the organization.

So, we challenged how we designed and delivered TLC at two levels:
  1. Micro-level: we concentrated on changes to the program design and participant experience, including engaging the participant’s manager and deeper specificity within development plans. This culminated in a 12-month TLCW program called Leaders by Design.
  2. Macro-level: we created a guidebook to depict how being a better leader would help us achieve our strategy. By more deeply embedding the concepts of TLC into our culture, we illuminated the path leaders would take to “power performance through people.” 
After implementation of changes, we achieved more than a 275% positive change in reassessment results with a 78% participant promotion rate.

In this session, we’ll share the research, process, components, and tools we used, along with the leadership-culture guidebook, which we believe were the difference-makers in moving from good to extraordinary results.
"The Leadership Challenge Forum is a transformational leadership experience. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from leadership scholars and experts coupled with the opportunity to network with colleagues."
- Ron Siers, Department Chair, Department of Education Specialties at Salisbury University

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