6/26/2018 12:00 AM

The Leadership Challenge Forum 2017 San Diego, CA

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The Leadership Challenge Forum Program 2017
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Slides and Handouts
General Session:

Celebrating & Strengthening the Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership | Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner
Keynote: It's All about the People | Garry Ridge
Bringing it All Together | Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner

Case Study Sessions:

Creating a Signature Story to Inspire a Shared Vision: Using Powerful Stories in Facilitation | Vaundee Arnold and Renee Harness
The Leadership Challenge® and the Advanced National Training ProgramMary Beiriger and Daniel Yosca
Secrets of Delivering TLC in Multi-Cultural Organizations | Connie Stephens
Getting Even Better Outcomes by Challenging How You Design & Deliver TLC | Krista Skidmore
Growing Servant Leaders in the Aging Services Industry: A Powerful Partnership Shows How It's Done | Bill Mugavin and Emilie Perkins
Growing Leaders Using Internal Coaches - A Case Study from First Command Financial Services | Karen Atwell
Recognizing the Unsung Heroes: A Case Study from Kentucky School DistrictsRhonda Caldwell and Tom Pearce
With the Wave of the Wand - How The Leadership Challenge Positively Impacted Team Member Satisfaction at Universal Orlando | Kirsten Abbott-West

Knowledge & Skills Sessions:

Good to Great: Moving the Needle through Leadership Development | Erin Destefanis and Ashley Kuback
You Have My Attention but Where Are We Going? Vision as a Springboard to Greatness | Greg Allen and Ron Siers
Virtual Facilitation | Beth High and Bev Simpson
CRA - An Innovative Thinking Tool that Revamps your Business | Terence Yeung
Taking Care of the Leader | Robert Lucania
Identifying and Addressing Conflict: reflections on enabling others to create change through collaboration | Karen Harold and Maurice Elamrani
What about Love? Reinvigorating the 7 Essentials of Encourage the heart to Engage Higher Performance | Milton Almeida and Sheryl Hansen

Activity Sessions:

Using Well-known Definitions to Trigger Deep Explorations into What We Value | Deana Raffo
Leadership in Polarized, Provocative, Precarious Times: (slide deck amended to reflect information collected in session) | Sharon Landes
Appeal to Others: Using Relationships & Systems to Inspire a Shared Vision | Kelly Ann McKnight and Debbie Nicol
Nuggets and Pears: A Ring of Engagement Using the Power of Affirmation | Alan Lyme
Using the FLOW to Engage Your Workforce | Carmela Crawford and Richard Pelay
"The Leadership Challenge Forum is a transformational leadership experience. I appreciate the opportunity to learn from leadership scholars and experts coupled with the opportunity to network with colleagues."
- Ron Siers, Department Chair, Department of Education Specialties at Salisbury University

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