6/10/2019 12:00 AM

The Leadership Challenge Forum 2014 New Orleans, LA

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TLC Forum Program 2014
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Slides and Handouts

Turning Adversity into Opportunity | Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner

Courageous Leadership | Bill Treasurer

No Excuses | Jennifer Robin

Jazz it Up! | Leland Russell, Graig Cortello, and Matt Lemmler

Case Study Sessions:

Keep Climbing: How to Leverage The Leadership Challenge to Support a High Performance Leadership Culture | Josias A. Aleman

Leadership Development in a Changing Environment: Evolving Programs to Achieve Outcomes | Andrea Moore and Dana Thuenemann

Challenging the Status Quo: Tracking the Change in Our Island Community | Mason Chock and Char Ravelo

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: How to Develop Values-Based Leaders Who Are Committed to Serving Public Values  | Beth High and Donna Warner

A Healthcare Model for Caring Leadership | Judy McDowell

Leadership At All Levels – How Washington State is Using The Leadership Challenge to Drive A Cultural Transformation | Brett Cooper and Darrell Damron

Accelerating Innovation with The Leadership Challenge | George Hines and Melissa Lanier

Utilizing Outsight to Challenge the Process | Missy Makanui

Skill-building Sessions:

How Sustaining The Five Practices Leads to Culture Impact | Brent Carter and Steve Coats

A Great Organization Made Simply: Lessons from a D-Student (Disney, DaVita, and Duke) | Bill Shannon

Generational Leadership - Building a Collaborative Workplace for Five Generations | Liz Cloud and Dr. Jackalyn Rainosek

Growing Your Business with The Leadership Challenge | KJ Jenison and Jill Schellenberger

OUCH! That Stereotype Hurts: Integration of Diversity and Inclusion into The Leadership Challenge Workshop | Leslie Aguilar and Stephen Hoel 

Presenting The Leadership Challenge to Global Audiences | Graham Moore

New Audiences for Your Expertise: Leveraging Your Experience with The Leadership Challenge to Grow Next Generation Leaders | Amanda Itliong and Gary Morgan

Activity Sessions:

"I Accept Your Challenge..." Activities that Teach | Gordon Houston

Mindful Leadership for Challenging the Process | Holly Seaton

Improve Your Workshop: New Tools & Techniques for Challenging the Process | Evans Kerrigan and Tracy O'Rourke
Group Activity Results: Fishbone

Be the First to Know - All About EPIC, Beta-testing, and a Next Generation LPI | Holly Allen and Jidana James

Aligning Personal and Organizational Values | Steve Houchin

"The sharing of experiences, ideas, challenges, innovations and insights—the Summit is another immersion into the heart of what we do and why we do it. It is beyond excellent…it is extraordinary."
- Roxanne Kaufman Elliott, Certified Master-in-Training, president and CEO of ProLaureate Ltd., Cleveland OH
"I took away so much inspiration and fresh approaches to this amazing work from the Summit. Most importantly, as a newly-minted Certified Master the connections made with others are invaluable—particularly considering my location Down Under."
- Grant Dale, Certified Master and Acting Director, WorkSmart Australia
"What an amazing global family! It is rare to meet so many people with so much wisdom that they freely share. Even as a relative newcomer I felt welcomed with open arms."
- Alan Lyme, LISW, Certified Master-in-Training and Training Director, Phoenix Center, Greenville SC

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